Twiggy Sticks Biltong

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Welcome to Canada's Best Biltong!

Twiggy Sticks Biltong - Southern Africa's alternative to Jerky.

Biltong was invented during the 1830's and 1840's, by pioneering families traveling through the heart of Africa in the Great Trek. 

Upon arrival in Canada, what we missed most from South Africa, was the delicious taste of old-style homemade Biltong! Despite sampling all forms of dried meat from the Pacific to the Atlantic, we resigned ourselves to that fact that if we were ever to experience the taste of true Biltong again, we would have to resort to our age old homegrown secret recipes. After offering generous portions to our guest, we found Canadians enjoyed it too! Thus, we created Twiggy Sticks!

There's nothing like watching an African Sunset in a game park while snacking on some Twiggy Sticks! We welcome you to be part of our family!

Traditional Biltong Snapsticks

A time-honoured concoction of roasted coriander, salt, pepper and Southern African herbs and spices. Flavourful and easy going.

Chili Bite Biltong Snapsticks

For those with a love for spice. This guy has got a bit of a bite!

Barbeque Biltong Snapsticks

A sweet, sultry twist on the traditional. A bold taste to take you to the Savannahs of Africa.